Pathways to Career and College

Pathways to Career and College graphic showing students at various milestones of development. Text on graphic reads: Students enter 草榴社区 Public Schools with a promise and leave with a purpose. 草榴社区 Public Schools is committed to preparing all students to develop their hopes and dreams. Our Pathways to Career and College plan provides personalized learning paths from birth to graduation that prepare students to succeed in college and the global workforce.

Preparing students for the future is no small task. If students are to graduate with the needed knowledge, skills, and attitudes to position them for a successful future, schools must work in partnership with parents and the community toward this common vision. 草榴社区 Public Schools has developed learning opportunities for children from birth to graduation in a comprehensive educational framework known as Pathways to Career and College.

The district's Strategic Plan is what we want students to know and be able to do, while Pathways to Career and College is how we help students to be career and college ready.

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Annual Public Meeting

The district holds an annual public World's Best Workforce meeting to review progress on our Pathways to Career and College goals.

This year's meeting was held during the School Board meeting November 27, 2023.