Strategic Plan

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Developing a Vision for the Future

Learning is the focus of our work in 草榴社区 Public Schools. As such, we need to frequently ask, 鈥渨hy do we do the things we do in schools?鈥 We know education and classroom instruction must change.

With guidance from the Catalyst for Educational Change (CEC), and the commitment of 90 internal and external stakeholders, we created a new Strategic Plan. We invited all stakeholders to follow the work and progress of the Strategic Plan Development Team and provide feedback throughout the nearly four-month process.


Empower and equip each learner to succeed in a rapidly changing world.


We envision a united, inclusive community where all learners foster their dreams, explore their interests, and build their futures.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout the strategic planning process we committed to engaging stakeholders as thought partners and advisors for setting and monitoring progress on the district鈥檚 strategic goals and objectives by:

  • Seeking input on the district and community landscape to identify best practices.
  • Inviting meaningful stakeholder engagement in collecting data and developing recommendations.
  • Facilitating cross-stakeholder conversations about the recommendations.
  • Providing transparency through timely updates.

Contact us

With questions related to the strategic planning process, contact the Community Relations Office at or 952-681-6403.

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